COVID-19: Vancouver councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung proposes mandatory mask policy in civic facilities

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      A Vancouver councillor wants masks worn in civic facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

      Sarah Kirby-Yung has brought forward a motion seeking council’s endorsement of a mandatory mask policy.

      The proposed measure exempts children younger than five years old, persons with disabilities, and individuals with underlying medical conditions.

      “Municipalities across Canada are adopting new policies requiring masks to be worn in all civic facilities including city halls, libraries, recreation and culture facilities,” Kirby-Yung noted in her motion.

      The Vancouver councillor cited Delta and Richmond.

      Kirby-Yung also stated that other public agencies have introduced mandatory face mask policies.

      She mentioned TransLink, B.C. Transit, and B.C. Ferries, noting that “compliance has been high to date”.

      “The City has a key role to play in leading by example with safe operations protocols as we continue through COVID-19 and work towards recovery.” Kirby-Yung also said.

      Kirby-Yung’s motion is included in council’s agenda on October 20.