Destination Osoyoos is sending two lucky winners on the ultimate wine country getaway this fall

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      Fall provides the perfect opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, along with its bumper-to-bumper traffic and large crowds. So pack your bags and venture to a destination with plenty of outdoor activities, wineries, culinary experiences, and colour-changing landscapes to be discovered. There’s no rule that your exciting local getaways need to stop once the summer comes to an end.

      and are sending two lucky winners on the ultimate wine country trip this fall. The prize includes luxury accommodations, wine tastings and tours, and a whole lot of memories to be made.

      Plus, both winners will receive a $100 gift card to , which can be put toward several bottles of South Okanagan wines upon their return home. The fourth-generation family-operated liquor store carries an impressive selection of wines, ciders, spirits, and beers, from local producers.

      The prizes

      As we embark on a new season, you’re likely eager to replace late-night backyard parties and draining weeklong camping trips with relaxation, sophistication, and luxury. The two incredible prizes included in the Ready, Sip, Go! Contest will provide you with exactly that.

      The first place prize package includes: a two-night stay at the , tour and tasting experience at for four people, guided wine tasting at for four people, terroir tasting at for up to six people, and a $100 gift card to JAK’s.

      Another lucky winner will receive the second place prize package, which features a two-night stay at Walnut Beach Resort, private black glass tasting for six people at , VIP cabana tasting experience for four at , “savoir” vineyard and winery tour for up to four people at , and a $100 gift card to JAK’s.

      To enter the contest, .

      If you’ve already booked your fall getaway to Osoyoos, the contest’s prizes can give you some inspiration when it comes to planning your itinerary.

      Destination Osoyoos

      A different kind of vacation

      Because Osoyoos has become such a popular summer destination, it’s easy to overlook the town’s experiences that are unique to the fall season. Osoyoos’s mild weather and warm sunshine extends into late September and even early October.

      “In the fall, the rows upon rows of vineyards and fruit orchards turn beautiful golden, red, and orange hues,” says Kelley Glazer, executive director at Destination Osoyoos. “Other than the gorgeous views, the atmosphere in the fall is more laid-back compared to the months prior. While summer is a lot of fun, you might want to relax with your significant other, reconnect with your family, or enjoy a solo trip. Fall in Osoyoos is a great time to do that.”

      Since the weather isn’t scorching hot during September and October, visitors can partake in outdoor activities like stand-up paddleboarding, hiking, kayaking, and fishing, without overheating. After spending time on the trails or at the lake, the area between Osoyoos and Oliver boasts more than 50 wineries that offer wine tastings and events.

      “In the fall, our wineries are starting the annual grape harvest, which is really exciting to watch in live action,” says Glazer. “You’ll see the pickers collecting grapes in the vineyards and winemakers using the crush pad. This is something you definitely wouldn’t see when visiting during other seasons.”

      Osoyoos is also home to , the first Indigenous-owned winery in North America. The winery focuses on caring for the land and preserving the past through the production of  world-class wine.

      Destination Osoyoos

      Beyond the wine

      Recently, the desert town added two new establishments that offer a lively and welcoming space for craft beverage enthusiasts.

       seeks to bring people together with its beers, which are often produced with ingredients from other local businesses. Its Cup o’Jojo’s Breakfast Stout has a subtle coffee taste as it’s steeped for eight hours with house beans from Jojo’s Café on Main Street.

      For those who prefer vodka, gin, and whisky, has a tasting room and a lounge that serves a selection of specialty cocktails. The distillery also makes mouthwatering moonshine in a variety of flavours, infused with locally grown fruits like cherries and apples. Buckie’s Apple Pie Moonshine will elevate your family’s Thanksgiving dinner in ways you never would’ve imagined.

      “In September and October, Osoyoos is beyond beautiful. It’s also significantly quieter and more relaxing, which is what a lot of people need right now,” says Glazer. “As much as Osoyoos is positioned as a summer destination, your mind will be completely changed if you visit in the fall.”

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