Edmonton man shares agony of COVID-19 on Instagram before succumbing to the disease

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      The horrors of COVID-19 have been laid out in a series of chilling Instagram posts. Ricky Lam, a 40-year-old Edmonton man, was diagnosed with the disease last week, according to Global News.

      By Tuesday (November 24), he was dead, but not before describing his deteriorating health on social media. His messages tell a harrowing tale about the toll that COVID-19 took on his body.

      They're difficult to read, but they offer an important message to those who've been downplaying the dangers of the novel coronavirus.

      "Breathing has become very difficult," Lam wrote in his final post. "Every few breaths I go into a coughing fit. Last night one was strong enough to make me vomit. It's so brutal, it doesn't allow me a chance to recover."

      His family is unaware of Lam having had any underlying conditions.