Enby 6 give us the drag we want, need, and deserve

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      Your #1 Best Drag Show

      Like assembling a superhero team, mix minx Rogue (centre) founded Enby 6 by combining six of the best non-binary drag acts in the city into one souped-up superstar supergroup. They’re joined by self-described Asian Barbie Kara Juku; quirky artist PM; stupid and empowered (complimentary) Amy Grindhouse; burlesque drag thing Mx Bukuru; and former Kunt, Venus.

      The sextet spend their Thursday nights fighting that great supervillain—boredom—at Junction.

      Photo by Jon Healy.

      As the newly-crowned best drag act in Vancouver, they’ll no doubt carry on with their superpowers of being hot, talented, and fierce—just with yet another (audience-voted!) arbitrary title to add to their roster.

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