Escape the most stressful time of the year with Scandinave at Home

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      If you’re not having an emotional meltdown while last-minute shopping at the mall or during dinner with your extended family, you’re doing the holidays wrong. While December and January are filled with entertaining social events and activities, they are also notorious for being stressful and exhausting.

      Visiting the in-person is a surefire way to relax but if you’re unable to travel to the ski resort, the beloved spa has a solution.

      allows self-care enthusiasts to unwind and pamper themselves from the comfort of their own home—think yoga, meditation, healing sounds, and transformative strength training. The complimentary virtual spa experience offers four wellness videos specially designed to reduce stress, inspire mindfulness, and improve balance and flexibility.

      Each segment features one of the Scandinave Spa Whistler’s wellness experts, creating an immersive online series that will help you escape the dreariness of winter.

      Folks who are eager to relocate their inner Zen can participate in these four virtual workshops:

      Sound bath

      Join Saida Jusic for a serene experience at dusk where you’ll be immersed in a wave of healing sounds as she plays crystal bowls, percussion instruments, chimes, and gongs. Sound baths slow the heart rate, which decreases blood pressure and activates healing in the body. This video is best experienced with headphones.

      Spa yoga

      Expert yogi leads a simple and calming spa yoga class perfect for all levels. In this practice, you’ll breathe deeply into all the spots where tension accumulates, such as your hips, shoulders, and neck. These slow movements and peaceful moments will provide you with a complete reset.

      Budgell is a dedicated meditation guide who has been teaching yoga classes and retreats worldwide for more than 10 years. She leads from a relatable and lighthearted place while passionately encouraging others to remember that it’s never too late to breathe deeply, grow, and change.

      Justa Jeskova

      Functional strength

      partners Amanda Eggleton and Kyle Chapman host a short but transformative functional strength training session at the Scandinave Spa Whistler. This basic workout will get your heart pumping while reinforcing correct body alignment, creating stability, and increasing mobility. This series of core movements does not require any equipment.

      Eggleton started her therapeutic journey as a registered remedial massage therapist in 2008. In 2020, she gained her personal training certification, which enabled her to offer a combination of massage therapy and strength training to help clients overcome discomfort.


      understands the importance of mindfulness tools and will be guiding a simple meditation class as snow falls over the serene spa. This meditation is accessible, inclusive, and free of confusing jargon. Meditation can help people from all walks of life better navigate the ups and downs while promoting well-being.

      Reifer in Whistler, along with from around the globe via Zoom. She also for conferences, corporate travel events, and team-building retreats. Her goal is to help others discover the power of transformational mindfulness practices and then strategize ways they incorporate it into their daily routine.

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