Fairmont Hot Springs Resort board of directors places CEO on leave following sexist remarks

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      Vivek Sharma's career has suffered another setback as a result of controversial remarks he made at a tourism-industry event on March 9.

      The  CEO of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort has been placed on "immediate leave" by the company's board of directors.

      This came after Sharma reportedly asked women to stand at the B.C. Tourism and Hospitality Conference in Richmond, ostensibly to commemorate International Women's Day. But then he declared that they should "go clean rooms" and "do dishes", igniting a furious response.

      "We would like to address the inappropriate comments made by the CEO at the recent British Columbia Tourism and Hospitality Conference," the company said on its social media channels. "The Board of Directors is taking this matter seriously and has hired a third-party consulting firm to conduct an independent review into the matter. The employee has been placed on immediate leave."

      It added: "Any discrimination is not acceptable and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse atmosphere, where people feel safe to work, visit or conduct business with."

      Last week, Sharma issued an apology and stepped down from boards of the Tourism Industry Association of B.C. and B.C. Hotels Association boards.

      He became CEO of Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in 2019 after spending four years as general manager of Sun Peaks Grand Hotel & Conference Centre.