Fashion in 2021: Look to celebs for guidance but make sure you support local designers and retailers

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      Nothing has changed the entire world as much as the pandemic of 2020. So what does that mean for fashion in 2021?

      Glam wear and business attire took a serious hit, much like the hospitality and travel industries. Most of us have been able to stay chronically casual for months. Bras are out, trackpants are in. The good thing is that a new year means a fresh start for anything and everything.

      As for 2021 goals…shop local? Introduce a new personal style?

      If you're not sure which direction to go or changes to make, look to the celebs for guidance and inspiration. If shoulder pads are good for Harry Styles, then give them a try. Find a stylish blazer with some added padding. A nice cut jacket that can be worn both casually or for that dreaded online meeting.

      Business on top will be the norm a little while longer.

      Another approach is to look to the big names for ideas of colour and texture. You don’t need to own Chanel, but you can easily mimic the look.

      “I like everything to be mixed up, all the different eras, between the Renaissance and romanticism,” Chanel creative director Virginie Viard said about her inspiration for the Women of the Castle Métier d’Art 2020/21 show. Just hearing that statement is license to hit your local thrift store to look for an unique piece of your wardrobe. That means mix up patterns and textures or try a combination of old and new fashion.

      While you are at the second-hand store, look for inspiration. Not everyone is crafty, but anyone can be observant and get ideas from the past. Seek out nice fabrics or a simple well-made garment.

      If we have learned anything this past year, the unpredictability of life means you should try something new. Plus, shopping for secondhand clothing is good for the environment. Local favourite Turnabout offers an ever changing selection of near perfect clothing, shoes, and accessories. It has also expanded its online shop for safe perusal.

      You must have pandemic fashion staple—the mask is not going away any time soon. If DIY is not your thing, find a local retailer. Many stores are well stocked with cool masks from local makers.

      The local online art and fashion markets have done a great job of reaching their customers. Virtual markets replaced in-person shopping. Check out how offers beautiful curated boxes of locally made goods. Vancouver retailers like Jackson General and Bird on a Wire both stock their stores with local designers and goods. Plus, they have expanded their online shops.

      Style trends are going to be more interesting than they have been in a long time. Artists, designers, and photographers have been holed up in studios creating ideas that are influenced by an entirely new reality. What comes out of that will give everyone licence to try something new. The time is right to try something a little more edgy.