Five benefits of laser acupuncture for fertility, available at Acubalance Wellness Centre

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      Laser for fertility therapy may sound like futuristic medicine but the unique treatment has been shown to boost fertility and increase IVF success. Vancouver’s uses a patient-centered approach to address infertility and other conditions like chronic fatigue, mental health issues, hormonal imbalances, unwanted weight gain, and IVF support.

      Becoming pregnant can be a challenge for many, which is why Acubalance Wellness Centre offers fertility treatments rooted in acupuncture, Chinese and naturopathic medicine, and (LLLT), also known by the scientific community as photobiomodulation.

      "New studies are showing that combining acupuncture and LLLT with fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) can increase live births and improve health outcomes for moms and babies," says Dr. Lorne Brown, founder and clinical director of Acubalance Wellness Centre.

      In addition to supporting IVF, the fusion of acupuncture and LLLT treatments can provide several other benefits:

      Increases mitochondria function and ATP production

      Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) plays an essential role in fertility as it provides the egg cells with the energy required to divide and the embryo to implant. Laser acupuncture treatments can increase the amount of ATP that your cells produce.

      Regulates inflammation 

      If you have systemic inflammation, this could be decreasing your chances of getting pregnant. A woman diagnosed with endometriosis, PCOS, or unexplained infertility can optimize their fertility by regulating inflammation with a series of LLLT treatments, antioxidant supplements, and following the Acubalance anti-inflammatory fertility diet.


      Improves blood circulation

      Becoming pregnant can be very difficult for women with poor or obstructed blood circulation. Improving your blood circulation can greatly benefit your ovaries and uterine receptivity.

      Decreases stress and promote parasympathetic function

      Unfortunately, stress and infertility go hand-in-hand. Stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol can negatively impact the flow of blood to your ovaries and uterus. This can be lessened by promoting your body’s parasympathetic function through LLLT.

      Speeds tissue healing

      Healing damaged tissues and softening scarring or adhesions can improve fertility outcomes. Scar tissue from previous surgeries or infections can collect around one’s reproductive organs and become problematic if left unaddressed.

      Acubalance Wellness Centre has also created a free ebook that includes nutritional and lifestyle tips that will help balance your hormones and prepare your body for conception. The Acubalance Fertility Diet can be downloaded .

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