Five tips for winter off-road adventures

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      When the first flakes begin to fall, a lot of people put the Wrangler away until the next off-roading season. But not you! You know that with a little extra planning and some quick preparation, winter is just another season for amazing adventures. The exploration experts at are proud to present their top tips for off-roading in winter weather.

      Always be prepared

      Plan for the best time, but prepare for the worst. Getting stranded in cold weather conditions can be risky, so it’s a good idea to be ready for the unexpected. Make sure you bring survival gear like extra water, food, a sleeping bag, and of course, a substantial first aid kit.

      Road to recovery

      As a seasoned off-roader, you already know the importance of tow hooks and winches when it comes to getting out of a tough spot. In winter, these tools are just as essential, but you’ll also want to add a snow shovel to your recovery gear checklist. Snow shovels are relatively inexpensive, and can be invaluable if you need to dig your way out of a snowbank.

      Nice treads

      When it comes to off-roading in the snow, you’ll want to choose wide, flexible tires. This provides a larger footprint and helps lower contact pressure, which lets you stay on top of the snow—and any situation.

      Travel light

      Dress for the weather

      Just like any other winter activity, it’s a good idea to dress appropriately when taking on the snow-covered trails. Wet clothing is uncomfortable, especially if you get stranded. Dress in layers, focus on wool and synthetic fibres, and make sure your footwear is as sturdy as your vehicle. Have fun!