Free online platform RELNKS simplifies the often turbulent journey to homeownership

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      Deciding that it’s the right time to purchase a home is a massive step but unfortunately, the current housing market isn’t doing buyers many favours. Investing in property is a relatively daunting process, which is why leading real estate technology company The Nationwide Group (TNG) has launched an online platform to assist buyers.

      RELNKS is a transparent navigational tool that provides potential homebuyers with a variety of features that will keep them organized and engaged in the process. The platform’s interactive step-by-step checklist guides users from start to finish, ensuring nothing is missed that could jeopardize closing a deal on their dream property.

      Staying organized and using trusted service providers will help you avoid some of the stressors people face along their journey to homeownership.

      “Buying a home requires preparation, organization, know-how, and a variety of professional services. RELNKS simplifies this process by compiling everything you need onto one platform,” says Tom McCormick, president and CEO of RELNKS. “You’ll find all the service connections and resources you need at every step of the home buying process so you can manage it all with ease and confidence.”

      When you’re ready to start looking at properties, create a free account on RELNKS and start exploring local communities. Once you’ve found the area in which you’d like to live, familiarize yourself with the neighbourhood’s demographics. The platform will give you access to information about parking in the area, school catchments, stores, average household income, and more.


      In addition to accessing important community information, RELNKS users can contact nearby real estate agents, check credit score, and even find a mortgage broker. After you’ve been granted a mortgage preapproval, you’ll be able to browse the properties for sale in your desired community through the platform’s map.

      Once a user has found “the one”, they can go on to enlist the help of RELNKS-approved service providers such as home inspectors and movers. The platform can also give you recommendations for a real estate lawyer, insurance services, and resources on legally updating an address. All service providers are thoroughly vetted and trusted by RELNKS.

      The complimentary platform will keep you organized by safely storing all of your documents so they don’t get tossed onto the impressively tall pile on your desk. There are few things worse than frantically searching for misplaced paperwork when you need it. Documents uploaded to your RELNKS account can easily be shared with your real estate agent, mortgage broker, or cosigner throughout the process.

      RELNKS can be accessed anywhere, keeping you connected to your real estate agent and saving you plenty of time. Instead of researching next steps, playing telephone tag, and digging through your inbox, you can start getting excited for your future in your first home.

      “It’s the biggest transaction of your life,” says McCormick. “But it doesn’t have to be the most difficult.”

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