Free parking inside Queen Elizabeth Park may vanish as Vancouver park board set to vote on new pay parking

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      The days of unpaid parking at the only free parking lot inside Queen Elizabeth Park may soon be over.

      The Vancouver board of parks and recreation is set to vote Monday (November 30) on a staff recommendation to increase fees and charges in city facilities and sites.

      The changes include the implementation of pay parking at the free parking lot located by the Pitch & Putt course and tennis courts at Queen Elizabeth Park starting in 2021.

      “This parking lot is being occupied by park users, visitors to neighboring areas and construction crew on developments in the vicinity,” the report stated.

      The city expects to earn between $100,000 and $130,000 from this lot in parking revenues per year.

      The cost of setting up two parking metres is estimated at around $15,000.

      “By implementing paid parking, the lot would be consistent with other paid lots in the park and will help to deter traffic that is not using it for its intended purpose,” the report explained.

      If approved, this means that parking at the lot by pitch and putt course and tennis courts will cost $2.65 to $3.65 per hour, depending on the season.

      Daily rates will range from $7.65 to $13.50, based on the time of the year.

      The annual pass will cost $160.

      The city anticipates earning $7 million in parking revenue across the city in 2021.

      As for increased fees and charges in city sites and facilities, staff recommended a baseline increase of two percent next year.

      “Revenue generated by the proposed fee increases in this report have been incorporated into the proposed 2021 Operating Budget and contribute between approximately $700,000 - $900,000 toward covering the impacts of estimated cost increases,” the report stated.