From finding dream cars to avoiding costly auto repairs, Haus of Cars is customer-driven

Plus, five maintenance tips that will help your vehicle last longer

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      When Haus of Cars was established in 2015, it began with a philosophy that withstands the test of changing times. Do what you love—with passion and integrity—and success will follow.

      At Haus of Cars, you’ll find mechanical services, auto sales, and extended warranties under one roof. From sourcing specific vehicles by customer request, pre- and post-purchase inspections through to mechanical repairs, engine rebuilds, body and paint restorations, as well as final detailing services. "We try to really provide a full suite of vehicle needs."

      Run by owner-operators Joseph Hays and Simon So, Haus of Cars takes a uniquely tailored approach to everything that a customer may need, providing them with a one-stop-shop solution. “Because we’re a smaller, flexible business, we can work directly with vendors for anything we feel is outside of our wheelhouse, to make sure our customers are satisfied and get the best value possible. Our niche is really that we do it all and we do it well.”

      Finding an automotive repair shop you can trust is not an easy feat. Simon So understands that costly repairs can leave customers feeling stressed. “Beyond being fairly priced, we take great pride in our honest and reliable service.”

      The pair acknowledges that if they do the best for every customer that comes through the door, those customers return and also give their recommendation to others and that is how the company’s growth and reputation is sustained, not the other way around. And it shows in the multitude of 5-Star customer reviews.

      Haus of Cars

      An aspect of the business that really sets them apart is their ability to sell topnotch warranties available to all drivers on the road, without having to actually buy a car from them. "So long as there are no pre-existing problems, customers are eligible. We have a wide range of coverage for all makes and models with very affordable pricing, as well as financing options to help offset some of the upfront costs. Some repair costs, as we know too well, can be extremely expensive so we wanted to devise a solution to help drivers get the coverage they need at a reasonable price."

      Hays’s proposition for car sales and sourcing is to save his customer’s time and get them the best price, focusing on transparency and taking the confusion and haggling out of the process. "We are there on the same team trying to find the perfect fit for our customers, fighting for their best interest,” Hays says. “Sometimes a vehicle can require several services that can be spread across multiple vendors but at Haus of Cars, it’s all in one place.”

      Through their processes, trade-ins are given the highest value and a new vehicle would be sourced with any mechanical work completed in-house. Complemented by transparent fees, in-house financing, and warranties, Haus of Cars simplifies and enhances the car-buying process.

      Haus of Cars

      To help drivers avoid major problems down the road, the automotive boutique has these five maintenance tips that will ensure your vehicle stays in tip-top shape.

      • Keep car fluids full and clean: Oil, coolant, transmission, and brake fluid are essentially your vehicle’s blood—without them, your car will not function properly.
      • The exterior is as important as the interior: Washing your car regularly removes any dirt and grime that can damage the paint. Repair scratches right away to avoid water entering the interior and cause rusting.
      • After every oil change, clean fuel impurities: Fill your gas tank once with premium fuel just before a long drive (20+ minutes) on the highway to help clean the fuel injectors. If this hasn’t been done recently, consider replacing your spark plugs and fuel injectors.
      • Pay attention to the tires: Check your tire pressure and ensure it’s to your vehicle’s specifications at all times to maximize fuel economy and for safety. Balancing and rotating the tires will ensure even wear so that they’ll last as long as possible.
      • Don’t put off necessary repairs: Even if it seems insignificant, if left unfixed, the smallest issues could worsen and cause serious and irreversible damage to your car. Have a tune-up done regularly as outlined by your car’s manual.

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