From weekend riding to daily commuting: how e-bikes and Go By Bike Week can help you make the switch

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      (This story is sponsored by HUB Cycling)

      By Rianna Fiorante

      When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, 54-year-old Coquitlam resident Wilson Tsui began commuting by e-bike into Vancouver for work.  

      “With COVID, I didn’t want to take the SkyTrain or bus, and driving and parking is too expensive, plus driving in downtown is stressful,” he says. “So in order to ride in more than one or two days a week, I needed help in the form of an e-bike.”  

      Tsui commutes 25 km each way by e-bike and usually meets up with a co-worker along the way to ride in together. “I look forward to being able to ride in! Since e-biking, I have started listening to podcasts along the way too, along with enjoying the views. It helps me separate my work and non-work life.” 

      If you're interested in trying e-bike commuting, HUB Cycling’s Spring Go by Bike Week from May 29 to June 4, is the perfect opportunity. Tsui will be one of the 7,500+ people participating in the event.  

      HUB Cycling has rounded up three of the safest, long-distance bike commuting routes in Metro Vancouver to help you get where you need to go. They are: 

      1. Central Valley Greenway - This multi-use cycling route links New Westminster, Burnaby, and Vancouver. From end to end, the 25-kilometre route is flat, separated, and safe with many parks, shopping, and transit hubs along the way.  
      2. BC Parkway - Linking New Westminster, Burnaby and Vancouver, the BC Parkway is a mostly flat route that follows the SkyTrain most of the way. So if you get tired from cycling, you can hop on transit! It’s 18 km long from the Fraser River to Trout Lake. 
      3. Adanac & Francis Union - This 35 km scenic loop connects Burnaby and Vancouver. It will take you along the Burrard Inlet, to views of the North Shore Mountains, Port of Vancouver, Strathcona, and East Vancouver.  

      If you’re ready to make the switch to cycle commuting, check out HUB Cycling’s free bike maps, and commuter bike shopper’s checklist. The cycling advocacy group will also be hosting two free Intro to E-Biking webinars on May 26 and June 1 from 12-1 PM PST, and two free community rides open to all cycling abilities. If you don’t have a bike, Mobi by Shaw Go is offering free access to bike share during Go By Bike Week from May 29 - June 4. 

      HUB Cycling will also be hosting 30 celebration stations at various locations around Metro Vancouver, including a free community wrap-up party at Trout Lake with free e-bike test rides on June 3, from 11am to 3pm. Each Celebration Station offers free basic bike maintenance, TransLink cycling maps, and snacks to anyone who stops by! 

      Go by Bike Week is returning to Metro Vancouver from May 29-June 4 and is the perfect opportunity to try cycle commuting. Participants can register for free at