Gift Guide: The Everywhere Belt Bag from lululemon

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      You may wonder: “How much can this small bag add to my loved one’s life?”

      Well, the answer is incalculable. But we can assure you they’ll wear it while walking the seawall, to the brewery, and in every other scenario where they need to tote around their tiny belongings. The Everywhere Belt Bag is exceedingly convenient, unbelievably comfortable to wear, and was made for all genders.

      In the fashion world, belt bags are really having a moment. The versatile pouch can be worn across your body or around your waist. If the lucky recipient of your gift is lacking the energy to sling it over their shoulder, it can also be carried by hand.

      What makes the Everywhere Belt Bag even hotter is the variety of colours that it comes in. Think from eye-catching shades like warm coral, pink lychee, and yellow serpentine to the basics like asphalt grey and black. Made from a water-repellent fabric, the bag is perfect for those who have to commute or walk their dog in the pouring rain.

      It’s also a great option for those working with a strict Secret Santa budget of $50, as it costs a very modest (for lululemon) $38.