Gift Guide: Kamala Harris–inspired goodies are a hit in 2020

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      America’s newest style icon is the vice president–elect.

      Kamala Harris achieved this distinction by helping to defeat one of the most loathed incumbent presidents in decades with a combination of intelligence, humour, passion, grace, persistence, optimism, and panache.

      Jo-Ellen Pozner, a Santa Clara University business assistant professor, writes about the intersection of politics, fashion, and meaning on

      “Harris’s suit game is strong,” Pozner declared in August. “She keeps it simple: classic silhouettes, sharp tailoring, and a palette that stretches from black to charcoal all the way to light gray. She seems to prefer skirt suits but feels good in a pantsuit, too.

      “She’s not afraid of a tonal plaid or a feminine touch, like a gentle peplum or an interestingly collared blouse. She often sports not-quite-statement necklaces—not dainty, but not too heavy or long, pearls or dark beads (maybe black pearls?) and sometimes a pretty double strand of strung pearls.”

      To Pozner, that makes Harris the Goldilocks of politics, hitting the sweet spot between being not to prim and not too loud.

      For evidence of this, check out the November cover of Elle.

      Kamala Harris was photographed by Inez & Vinoodh for the cover of the November edition of Elle.
      Inez & Vinoodh

      Harris also attracted plenty of attention with her suffragette-white pantsuit by Wes Gordon on the night that she and Biden celebrated their victory in Wilmington, Delaware.

      So what can you buy for the Kamala lover on your holiday shopping list? Here are a few ideas.


      I’m speaking/Kamala Harris T-shirt

      Political junkies know the reference: ”I’m speaking” was Harris’s famous retort to Vice President Mike Pence when he kept rudely interrupting her during their one and only televised debate.

      There are plenty of “I’m Speaking” Kamala tees on Etsy, but one of the most popular is a handmade, cotton, slim-fit, narrow-cut, black shirt that tapers at the waist. Created by GoingKnowhereToday, it sells for $26.05.

      For those who prefer Harris’s face on their shirt, there’s another version available on Etsy for $27.66 from Maizys Whimsy Boutique. Plus, there are "I'm speaking" tees for kids to inspire them to grow up and assert themselves when necessary.

      With each sip is a reminder that Trump is soon out of power.

      I’m Speaking/Kamala Harris mug

      If you’re not into wearing T-shirts, there are also plenty of Kamala Harris mugs on Etsy. One of the top sellers is by TheJewelryBx21, which is being offered as a stocking stuffer for $27.12.

      These Social Status x Nina Chanel Converse shoes were made for students in Charlotte.
      Social Status

      Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers

      Harris may be the first vice-presidential candidate who went shopping in a sneaker store in pursuit of votes. And it came a month after a photograph went viral of her getting off a plane in Milwaukee in her no-nonsense Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers.

      So why does she love her Chucks? “I think it’s a statement about who we really are,” Harris said in the Social Status retail outlet in Charlotte, North Carolina.

      “Like everybody’s got their inner kind of Chuck look. I think it has to do with the fact that we all want to get back to some basic stuff about who we are as a country.”

      Chucks are available for a variety of prices at many shoe retailers.

      Prior to the election, Harris’s footwear inspired a limited set of Social Status x Nina Chanel Converse shoes, which include custom pins promoting Black Lives Matter, LGBT rights, and sensible climate policy.

      Every pair was donated to students in a course called Sole food: Digestible Sneaker Culture, which is offered at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte.

      Take that, Sen. David Perdue!

      Kamala Harris Christmas Card

      Send this card with Harris’s face and the message “Kama-la la la, la la la la” to every Republican on your list—if there are any.

      It’s a clever rebuke to Sen. David Perdue’s dog-whistling mockery of Harris’s name before a pre-election Trump rally in Macon, Georgia.

      Now, Harris is the veep-elect and Perdue’s political career could end up on the scrap heap should he lose a run-off election on January 5. This card is on Etsy for $8.07 from LettuceBuildaHouse, based in Vaughan, Ontario.