The great resignation has people looking for jobs that align with their values

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      Throughout the past two years, we’ve learned that people want their work, and the behaviors of the organization they work for, to be consistent with their values. Folks have realized that working for an employer that prioritizes equal opportunity, diversity, flexibility, health and wellness, and career opportunities could provide them with a greater sense of happiness while at work.

      In hopes of creating an inclusive team, member-owned financial institution seeks to hire people who share their same values and driven work ethic. Together, Vancity team members work towards making a positive impact in their community and building a clean and fair world.

      The company was voted “Best Local Employer” from 2014 to 2021 by readers of the Straight. For those seeking to align their career with their values, the good news is that Vancity is currently hiring for that include a minimum of three weeks of vacation, competitive salaries, and benefits.

      On top of competitive salary and vacation packages, Vancity offers generous parental and family leave, flexible work arrangements, reduced banking rates, employee resource groups, and more. The company deeply understands the importance of its team members’ well-being, and those who work at Vancity have 24/7 access to counselling, health coaching, nutrition support, and child or elder care resources.

      This photo was taken pre-pandemic

      “I’ve been with Vancity for a little over nine years and after a relatively brief stint working in a branch, I transitioned to the call centre,” says Lance G., now manager of Anti-Money Laundering at Vancity. “While I enjoyed my branch experience, it wasn't until I got to the call centre that my career with Vancity really took off. As a person who loves to learn new things and take on new challenges, working at the call centre provided me with those opportunities. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to work in five different positions, growing my skills with every move.”

      “Despite being the largest credit union in Canada, with more than 2,500 team members and 550,000 members, Vancity feels like a small, tight-knit community,” says Christina Fai, director of talent and development at Vancity. “No matter your role or location, team members share a collective goal: being a financial force for change.” 

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      This photo was taken pre-pandemic