High Buys: The buzziest cannabis products right now

This month's roundup of the best cannabis offerings on the Canadian market includes two of B.C.'s most notable brands

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      Pipe Dream by Broken Coast

      The B.C.–based medical cannabis producer known for its high-grade, small-batch cannabis and concentrates is bringing a new recreational strain to the market. Pipe Dream is a rarity in Canadian cannabis—a strain developed from scratch. It scores high in all regards, including 18 to 24 percent THC content. brokencoast.com


      Latitude Sex Pot Intimacy Oil by 48North 

      The instructions say to store this product in “a cool, dry place”. But with some 400 milligrams of THC, this “intimacy oil” is definitely meant for turning up the temperature on your sex life—or self-love in this time of the coronavirus. Word to the weed wise: for topical use only.

      Cherry Punch by BLKMKT 

      This indica-dominant hybrid cross packs a wallop, as the name suggests, with up to 28 percent THC. Yikes. But no need for fear of paranoia—the buzz will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Flavours: earthy with musky aroma. Available at Dimes Cannabis.

      Cannabis-infused gummies by Pure Sunfarms and White Rabbit OG 

      Two of B.C.’s most notable cannabis brands have teamed up to bring the first gummies made with pure fruit to the Canadian market. Pure Sunfarms and White Rabbit announced the partnership late last year. The first products (sour black cherry and sour raspberry) are now available. Strawberry and peach nectar flavours are coming soon. Each is offered in packages of four 2.5 milligram THC gummies and made with craft cannabis using White Rabbit’s “EAT Me” cannabis-infusion technique. Nuff said.