HUB Cycling encourages people to bike to transit for long distance commutes

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      Riding a bike with the wind blowing through your hair (and helmet, of course) beats driving your gas-guzzling car around town, searching for a parking spot. But sometimes, the commute is too long to bike, which leaves you with limited transportation options.  

      HUB Cycling has partnered with TransLink, Mobi by Shaw Go, and Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) to increase awareness about the convenience of combining cycling with transit. HUB Cycling suggests merging the two transportation methods for commutes longer than five kilometres.  

      This can be easily done by taking advantage of TransLink’s , which can be used for only $1/day with fees capping at $8/month. TransLink has 11 bike parkades located at Main Street–Science World, Commercial–Broadway, Joyce–Collingwood, Metrotown, King George, King Edward, Maple Meadows, Burquitlam, Lafarge Lake-Douglas, Port Coquitlam, and Bridgeport stations. Register your Compass Card online and enroll in the Bike Parkade Program for free.

      Cycling to transit is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while getting some fresh air and exercise. This also means that you can feel less guilty about eating pizza three nights a week.

      HUB Cycling

      As an added bonus, by biking to the bus stop, Sky Train, SeaBus, or nearest carshare vehicle, you can get places faster and enjoy yourself on the way.

      Cycling to transit has never been easier. Metro Vancouver now has the infrastructure and facilities required to make it affordable, convenient, and safe. To get people out of their cars and onto their bikes, HUB Cycling is running a contest with some very desirable prizes. 

      Enter to win a $100 MEC gift card, $200 Visa Gift Card, and a Mobi by Shaw Go 365-Day Pass Plus by:

      • Registering your Compass Card online at and enrolling in the Bike Parkade Program, and 
      • retweeting HUB Cycling’s Bike to Transit post on (@WeAreHUB) or like a HUB Bike to Transit post on (@WeAreHUB), or on (@hubcycling).

      The contest ends September 30, 2020, at midnight. The lucky winner will be announced the first week of October.

      To learn more about the benefits of biking to transit, visit Follow HUB Cycling on , , and for updates.