Three improperly dressed hikers rescued from mountain in North Vancouver

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      Although search and rescue organizations have repeatedly warned hikers to be properly prepared before venturing into British Columbia's outdoors, a rescue on the weekend served as yet another reminder to those heading outside to be thorough in their preparations.

      Around 5 p.m. on November 22, North Shore Rescue (NSR) stated on social media that team members were responding to a call about three hikers lost near Mount Fromme in North Vancouver.

      One hiker had been separated from the group and another hiker had an ankle injury.

      CBC News reported that the hikers were UBC students who were unable to locate the trail to return down the mountain. All three were reportedly wearing runners and one individual was wearing shorts.

      By 11:30 p.m., NSR stated that the hikers had been brought to safety.

      However, rescuers noted that the individuals weren’t properly prepared and reminded hikers to wear appropriate footwear, such as proper hiking boots. Also, they hadn’t properly timed the trip to allot enough daylight time for the return trip.

      However, NSR stated that the hikers did make some correct and important decisions, including leaving a trip plan with others and remaining in place after contacting emergency services so that rescuers could find them efficiently.

      Inadequately clothed hikers, particularly when it comes to footwear, remains an ongoing issue.

      On October 24, when Lions Bay Search and Rescue located two lost hikers in the Harvey Basin area, they found the hikers wearing cotton clothing that had frozen solid and were also wearing inadequate street footwear.

      On that same day, NSR extracted a stranded hiker from Hanes Valley, who was also in improper footwear. 

      Meanwhile, NSR is being featured in a five-part documentary series on Knowledge Network called Search and Rescue: North Shore that launched on November 10.

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