Improve your physical, emotional, and mental well-being by releasing trapped emotions

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      By now, everyone can agree that 2020 has been an emotional roller coaster—pandemic-related anxiety and depression is very real.

      After more than eight months of COVID-19, many have discovered what they think are acceptable coping mechanisms, including alcohol consumption and binge eating. But unfortunately, these only work over the short term.

      These overwhelming, negative feelings can get stuck within the body and lead to harmful ailments and energy imbalances.

      Mechanical engineer turned certified body code and emotion code practitioner Hitesh Tailor learned about releasing trapped energies through his own personal experience.

      In 2015, Tailor was faced with the challenge of battling stage IV cancer, undergoing seven surgeries in two years, a breakdown of his marriage, and the loss of his engineering career. He struggled to recover from his last surgery but still maintained a positive outlook. It became clear that there was something hindering the healing process.

      “After my last surgery, a friend of mine told me to try the Emotion Code, a form of energy healing,” says Tailor. “I was skeptical because my educational background is based upon science but I was running out of options so I met remotely with a practitioner in Wisconsin.”

      Through the phone, the Emotion Code practitioner was able to connect to Tailor’s subconscious mind, identify the trapped emotions that were keeping him from healing, and release the emotions one at a time.

      “After she released three or four emotions my pain level had decreased by half, which was astounding even though it didn’t make sense to me,” says Tailor. “I felt compelled to learn this type of energy healing and help others so I did research with Dr. Bradley Nelson, the author of The Emotion Code.”

      Dr. Nelson is a holistic chiropractic physician who developed this specific form of energy healing. By restoring balance to the six key elements of health in the body, he is able to remedy many diseases and illnesses. These six elements include energies, circuitry, toxicity, pathogens, misalignments, and nutrition. 

      In 2018, with the intention of healing others the same way he was healed, Tailor travelled to Las Vegas to attend a course on the Body Code system with Dr. Nelson. Upon returning to his home in Vancouver, Tailor began healing others remotely through his company, Tailored Coding.

      But what exactly does a remote energy healing session look like?

      According to Tailor, the first step of any Zoom, telephone, or email session is to pinpoint the physical, mental, or emotional issues that need to be addressed. This can be done through the practise of muscle testing and using a mind map app. Through muscle testing and connecting to the client’s subconscious mind, the practitioner is able to reveal where emotional blockages are hiding. They are then able to release the trapped energy by using the power of intent and the occasional use of a magnet.

      Whether the client is dealing with a broken relationship, knee pain, PTSD, weight gain, digestion, fertility issues, diabetes, sexual dysfunction, or any type of issue, releasing trapped energies can make a profound difference.

      “Dr. Nelson revealed that everything that goes wrong in our lives is caused by an energetic imbalance,” says Tailor. “We have to understand that we are energetic beings and that the life experiences and emotional baggage that we have distorts the energy field of areas in the body.”

      “When someone’s energy field is distorted, organs can stop functioning in the ways that they were meant to,” he says. “This is what causes us pain, discomfort, and emotional issues.”

      To release negative energy and trapped emotions, Tailor uses a combination intuitive feeling, muscle testing, use of the Body Code app, and intention to release with love.

      Since the pandemic began in March, he has noticed an increase of clients seeking treatment for depression and anxiety. For those who are unable to remotely meet with Tailor for a session, he offers some advice on how to healthily navigate these detrimental feelings.

      “When you’re going through a traumatic event or situation, allow that feeling to be felt and then let it go so that it does not become trapped,” he says.

      Deep breathing is also calming and can be beneficial—just slowly breathe in and out for five seconds at a time while putting attention on your heart.

      “While you do this, try to regenerate a past feeling of appreciation, care, gratitude, or compassion and surround yourself in that feeling,” says Tailor. “This will better connect your heart and brain, and there is nothing greater for healing than the power of love.”

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