It's splitsville for Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

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      It's official. The man who succeeded Kanye West as Kim Kardashian's lover is no longer Kim Kardashian's lover.

      The Los Angeles Times has confirmed that former Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson is not romantically linked to the reality TV star. Now, they're reportedly just friends.

      They became an item after Kardashian hosted SNL in November 2021.

      "In July, Kardashian revealed on Instagram that Davidson had immortalized their time on 'SNL' with a tattoo that reads 'Jasmine and Aladdin'," wrote LA Times staff writer Alexandra del Rosario. "The 'King of Staten Island' actor also recently tattooed 'my girl is a lawyer,' on his chest as a nod to Kardashian’s legal ambitions.'

      After their relationship became public knowledge, West went bonkers, most notably in a video for his song "Eazy". It showed a likeness of Davidson being buried up to his neck.

      Check it out below.

      Watch the music video for Kanye West's "Eazy".