Leafs Nickname Tees make for great gifts for long-suffering Toronto hockey fans

A-Matts, Tavvy, and Soup Dog are a few of the options for those who hope that this might be the year when the Cup returns to Canada's largest city

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      Nicknames have been a fabled part of hockey since before a young phenom named Frederick Taylor was racing up the wing for the Ottawa Senators in 1908.

      That's when the Earl Grey, then governor general of Canada, was overheard describing Taylor as a "cyclone" in a game against the Montreal Wanderers.

      The name stuck with Cyclone Taylor through the rest of his career, which included a Stanley Cup win with Ottawa in 1909 and a second Stanley Cup six years later with the Vancouver Millionaires.

      The Toronto Maple Leafs have had their share of memorable nicknames: King Clancy, the Big M Frank Mahovlich, Eddie "The Entertainer" Shack, George "The Chief" Armstrong, Mike "Shaky" Walton, Brian "Spinner" Spencer, Tiger Williams, and Cujo Joseph, to name a few.

      The current incarnation of the Leafs also has its share of sobriquets, which you can see in the video below.

      Better yet for Leafs fans, you can actually wear some of these names on your back, along with the player's number.

      That's because unisex Leafs Nickname Tees are available for $44 each on the CREATOR News website.

      Footsie, A-Matts, Tavvy, Cobra, Soup Dog, and Muzz are just a few of the options.

      They're great conversation starters. And naturally, the front features a stylized white maple leaf on—you guessed it—a blue background.

      These tees also make great gifts for any long-suffering Leafs fan who's hoping that 2022 is when the Stanley Cup parade will finally be held in Toronto.

      If this happens (thanks, A-Matts and Tavvy for that!), it just might make these shirts collectors' items.