#Lesbianactivity trends on social media following Conservative MP's endorsement of LGBT conversion therapy

Tamara Jansen, who represents Cloverdale–Langley City, is facing some ridicule over Twitter

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      Before the last federal election, progressives tried to warn the voters of Langley and Cloverdale that the Conservative candidate was further to the right than some of her colleagues on the slate.

      Tamara Jansen was a well-known anti-abortion activist and critic of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

      In addition, Jansen claimed that fears about rising greenhouse gas emissions amount to "scare mongering".

      That led to a demonstration on 176 Street in Cloverdale by activists trying to raise public awareness. In the end, it didn't stop Jansen from being elected as the MP.

      This week, Jansen is attracting ridicule and condemnation on social media for opposing legislation to prohibit forced conversion therapy on LGBT people.

      In a speech to the House of Commons, Jansen told a story about a woman in Calgary who was "involved in lesbian activity" who struggled with self-worth and depression.

      When the woman decided that she no longer wanted to continue with her "lesbian activity", her parents supported her decision to seek therapy.

      You can see how this is being greeted over Twitter.