Lydia Okello, AKA @styleisstyle, influences us in all the right ways

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      Your #1 Best Local Lifestyle Influencer

      Vancouver’s favourite fat enby fashion bud is also the city’s favourite local lifestyle influencer, period. Between Lydia Okello’s dedication to repping slow-fashion brands and size-inclusive clothiers, they find the time to share all kinds of engaging content. Trend breakdowns! Fit checks! Makeup reviews! Food recs!

      Starting off as a fashion blogger in the halcyon days of the internet back when the web felt optimistic, Okello’s not just an influencer: they’re also an amazing writer, penning words for everyone from Vogue to Fashion Magazine.

      Photo by Jon Healy.

      Even if their personal style isn’t what you might wear, Okello reminds everyone that you look best when you’re feeling yourself. What if, and hear us out, their real influence is the self-confidence we gained along the way??

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