Make your own DIY cardboard standup desk, as Hootsuite founder open-sources Oristand design

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      When the cardboard Oristand standup desk hit the market in 2016, it was an affordable US$25 alternative that hit more than a million in sales.

      Now its cocreator, who also happens to be Hootsuite CEO and founder Ryan Holmes, has open-sourced the ergonomic design so those forced to suddenly work at home due to the COVID-19 crisis can make their own DIY version. And with hours reduced and the economy tanking, not many can fork out hundreds of dollars for a higher-end version.

      All this design takes is cardboard, glue, a ruler, and an Exacto knife.

      Holmes, who had suffered back problems and sport injuries that made it hard for him to sit for long periods, recognized that people are trying to work from from couches and other makeshift office spaces in tight urban spaces during these pandemic times. Sitting at a desk all day has been tied to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and other ailments.

      Here are the building instructions.