Mental-health advocate and former NHL goalie Corey Hirsch wins Courage to Come Back Award

Coast Mental Health is dedicating the month of July to those who've overcome extraordinary adversity to give back to their communities

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      In the mid to late 1990s, Corey Hirsch appeared to be in a great place in his life.

      Playing goalie for the Vancouver Canucks, he was a household name in the hockey-mad city.

      But unbeknownst to fans, he was struggling with obsessive-compulsive disorder, hiding his illness from others.

      According to a new video narrated by fellow former goalie Kirk McLean, Hirsh's mental-health difficulties took a tremendous toll.

      "I took my car up into the mountains," Hirsch says in the video below, "and the plan was to drive it off the end of the road.

      "I probably got the car up to 120 miles per hour when I slammed on my brakes."

      He was diagnosed, obtained treatment, and has since shared his story to help others come to terms with their mental-health issues.

      Today, Hirsch received a Courage to Come Back Award from Coast Mental Health.

      The organization is dedicating the month of July to Hirsch and four other yet-to-be-announced award winners who've "overcome extraordinary adversity" to give back to their communities.

      Coast Mental Health is receiving help from the Italian Day Festival Society, which is holding a series of virtual concerts to raise money for the organization.

      The first concert took place at Vancouver City Hall on June 26.

      The Italian Day Festival Society is holding a series of virtual concerts, including this one at Vancouver City Hall, to raise funds for Coast Mental Health.