Metro Vancouver eyes reduction of lawn watering to one day a week starting in 2022

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      Local officials with the Greater Vancouver Water District will vote on a proposed reduction of lawn watering.

      If approved, residents in the region will only be allowed to water their lawn one day per week in a normal year starting in 2022.

      Under Stage 1 of the current drinking water conservation plan, which automatically takes effect from May 1 to October 15 regardless of weather conditions, lawn watering in residences and businesses can be done two days a week.

      The present conservation plan features four stages in water restrictions.

      Currently, Stage 2, which is trigerred by drought conditions, provides one day per week for lawn watering.

      The proposed reduction seeks to ban residential and business watering during Stage 2.

      Stages 3 and 4 of the current plan prohibit lawn watering.

      Lucas Pitts, acting director of policy, planning and analysis with water services at Metro Vancouver, wrote a report about the proposed changes to watering regulations during Stages 1 and 2.

      Pitts explained that the more restrictive measures will “help reduce seasonal demands” for water.

      “There are several drivers for this update, including a sizable jump in water usage throughout most of the 2021 summer,” Pitts stated in his report.

      The Metro Vancouver staff member recalled that the region “experienced a record-breaking heatwave in June and weeks of warm, dry weather, which led to unusually high water demand”.

      “Thankfully, a higher-than-average snowpack this year allowed the system to meet these demands without having to go to Stage 2,” Pitts noted.

      Elected municipal officials comprising the regional water district meets on Friday (October 29), and Pitts’ report is included in their agenda.