Metro Vancouver to collect seasonal parking fees at Belcarra and Lynn Headwaters regional parks

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      Parking will no longer be free year-round at two of the most popular parks in Metro Vancouver.

      The regional government is set to impose seasonal paid parking at the Lynn Headwaters and Belcarra regional parks.

      A staff report to the district’s regional parks committee said that the measure will “help manage the demand for parking”.

      It will also “reduce traffic and the impacts of increased park visitation”.

      “As two of the region’s most popular outdoor destinations, these parks have experienced unprecedented high-volume traffic leading to congestion and overflow parking concerns that have impacted adjacent neighbourhoods,” Mike Redpath, director for regional parks, wrote in the report.

      According to Redpath, paid parking is a “transportation demand management measure”.

      Such measure “promotes carpooling, cycling, transit and shuttle use”.

      “In addition, pay parking has been shown to decrease average stay length and increase turnover, allowing more visitors to enjoy parks,” Redpath explained.

      Redpath’s report, which also includes other matters, is included in the March 10 agenda of the regional parks committee.

      The regional parks director indicated that the March to October pay parking at Lynn Headwaters Regional Park is being coordinated with the District of North Vancouver.

      The North Shore municipality is introducing pay parking at Lynn Canyon Park.

      Both pay parking programs will start March 29, 2021.

      According to information on Metro Vancouver’s website, parking at the Lynn Headwaters park will cost $2 per hour.

      In the report, Redpath also wrote that pay parking at Belcarra Regional Park is expected to start in early April.

      “Revenues will support park operations at the two parks,” Redpath wrote.