Michael Bublé is at his most relatable while stuck in Vancouver snow traffic

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      I went out for dinner in Vancouver’s version of a blizzard the other night.

      “I refuse to be bullied by the snow!” I said to myself as I swirled a scarf around my neck.

      It’s not that I have a problem with snow itself—it’s that I have a problem with how hilariously poorly our fair-weathered city handles it. (That’s, for the record, both infrastructure and individual humans. Especially ones who don’t have winter tires on their cars.)

      I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, but sometimes it’s still nice to get reminded of that—especially by someone wealthy and famous, who one could be forgiven for assuming has a private helicopter equipped with snacks and a karaoke machine ready and waiting for them at all times. But in a recent TikTok video, our very own crooning Prince of Burnaby Michael Bublé reminded us that snow is the great equalizer. It humbles all of us. It annoys the fuck out of all of us.

      In the video, taken during one of Vancouver’s recent blasts of snow, Bublé gets into the passenger seat so that one of his Australian friends (employees?) can drive in the white stuff for the first time. It takes them nearly three hours to get home.

      It starts off happy-go-lucky, with Mr. Bubly singing his way through the winter hellscape. Towards the end, though, his cheery demeanour goes—understandably, relatably—a little bitter.

      “I am three minutes away from my house and it’s telling us that we still have 19 minutes,” he says. “Fuck you, snow!”

      Via TikTok.

      Exactly correct.