New online dating platform helps Vancouver singles find love in the midst of a global pandemic

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      If “physical touch from another human being” is at the top of your Christmas list this year, it’s time to be proactive in your dating life.

      Santa could very well bring a smoking hot, eligible bachelor or bachelorette down your chimney but you’re probably better off trying the new 6Degrees matchmaking platform.

      The dating platform was developed to help Vancouver singles find a meaningful relationship while maintaining a safe distance because of COVID-19. With meeting people in real life off the table, the founding team at 6Degrees jumped on the opportunity to create a swipe-free dating platform. 

      “We created 6Degrees during the pandemic to bring people together while staying apart,” says cofounder Neil Saini. “We saw how disconnected online dating was becoming thanks to apps and endless swiping.”

      6Degrees is the perfect amalgamation of traditional matchmaking services and free dating apps. The matchmaking aspect of the platform ensures that you won’t be paired with oddballs who are only looking to get in your mask—and your pants.

      The dating platform uses machine learning—more specifically, the Euclidean algorithm—to find two very special matches for each online dater. After both compatible matches are selected, 6Degrees organizes two 25-minute Zoom dates that fit the schedule of the user and the prospective date.

      Instead of dragging out text conversations for weeks like through Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble, those using the 6Degrees platform meet face-to-face right away. You’ll be shacked up and looking at overpriced apartments together in no time.

      The platform’s multistep screening and methodical matchmaking process determines exactly who to bring together. Upon application, users are required to fill out a brief screening form that includes basic questions regarding age and occupation. At this step, recent photos are also requested.

      The user will then be guided to two 23-point questionnaires so that the platform can understand their partner preferences and ranking on specific traits. Every preference variable is rated on a specialized scale with each pole representing extreme levels of the relevant trait. These include things like sociable, wants kids, or good cook.

      After the questionnaires are completed, it’s the algorithm’s turn to find the two best matches for the user and virtual dates will be arranged.

      “6Degrees offers a human matchmaking approach combined with technology to bring people together for dates in a whole new way,” says Saini. “In our opinion, swiping is cancelled.”

      The platform charges $20 for two meticulously matched dates. This makes 6Degrees an affordable alternative to matchmaking services while providing users with a more personalized experience than dating apps.