New rainbow crosswalk at West Vancouver police station vandalized with tire marks

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      After West Vancouver police created a symbol of LGBT inclusion, some suspects marred it with an act of vandalism.

      On June 30, the West Vancouver Police Department (WVPD) held a small ceremony to unveil the new rainbow crosswalk outside the police station.

      But around 4 p.m. on July 7, staff heard loud squealing outside the station, according to a WVPD news release on July 7.

      Officers then discovered tire marks across the crosswalk, located at the intersection of 16th Street and Esquimalt Avenue.

      West Vancouver Police Department

      The suspect vehicle sped off at high speed and wasn’t located.

      However, investigators have video footage of the incident and are now searching for a black 1999 to 2004 Ford Mustang with red racing stripes along the top and sides. It also has a rear spoiler and hood scoop.

      West Vancouver Police Department
      West Vancouver Police Department

      There appeared to have been two occupants inside the vehicle.

      The WVPD stated today (July 9) that the driver has now been identified.

      North Shore News reported that the municipality will attempt to pressure wash the tire marks off the crosswalk. However, if that is unsuccessful, repairs are estimated to cost about $2,000.

      The crosswalk, in addition to the WVPD participating in the raising of the Pride flag at West Vancouver District Municipal Hall on June 17, comes in the wake of the Vancouver Pride Society (VPS) announcing on June 10 that police would be barred from participating in any further Pride parades.

      The VPS is supporting Black Lives Matter’s demand for police accountability and stopping funding for the police.

      The WVPD stated that they are disappointed with the VPS decision but will continue to support LGBT communities.

      Other rainbow crosswalks in B.C. have been subjects of debate or targets of vandalism, including in Burnaby, White RockSurrey, and Chilliwack

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