On October 6th, Lay’s® delivers joy to communities across Canada

Canada’s favourite potato chip brand takes a closer look at what brought us joy during the pandemic

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      In the wake of the pandemic, tracking, and measuring Canadian sentiment has become a popular point of interest, one that has yielded important insights into the collective psyche of our country. As the world transformed around us, it became important to understand how confident, optimistic, worried, or stressed Canadians were feeling as we tried to navigate uncharted territory, unprecedented times.

      But there’s one emotion that continues to play an important role in our lives and may have flown under the radar. It’s the antecedent of great pleasure and well-being: it’s joy.

      Looking back over the pandemic, six out of 10 Canadians (60 percent) said they have experienced a lack of joy in their daily lives, according to a recent study commissioned by Lay’s®. The brand’s study also revealed that for many, the pandemic redefined how we experience and share joy, giving us a greater appreciation for the little things.

      Whether we were baking bread, taking the scenic route home, or opening a bag of chips, it was the small moments that we appreciated most. In fact, 85 percent of Canadians said they believe they have a greater appreciation for life’s simple pleasures since the pandemic.

      As Canada’s favourite potato chip brand, Lay’s® has taken a keen interest in understanding how joyous we’ve been (or haven’t been) over the last year and a half. The brand believes its products have a unique way of inspiring small, yet important, moments of joy and is on a mission to spread that joy across the country.

      Lay's - Annie Lauren

      As part of that effort, Lay’s® employees will be popping up in the Greater Vancouver Area and communities across the country on October 6 to surprise fellow frontline workers, and Canadians alike, with their favourite snack. After all, 52 percent of Canadians said chips are among the top two kinds of snacks that bring them the most joy.

      “According to our recent survey, 91 percent of Canadians believe small moments of joy are an important part of their overall happiness,” said Jason Ayuen, Senior Marketing Manager at Lay’s®. “For many, it’s the simplest pleasures, like opening your favourite chips that inspire those moments of joy. That’s why Lay's® employees are embarking on deliveries across Canada to help fellow frontline workers find a little joy in every bag.”

      Approximately, 91 percent of Canadians believe sharing small moments of joy are an important part of connecting a community and through Lay’s® surprise deliveries, the brand is hoping that people are inspired to spread joy within their own community, office, or friend group.

      Look for the Lay’s® team making surprise deliveries in the Greater Vancouver Area on October 6 and stop by to say hello and find a little joy in every bag.

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