Pet Of The Week: Totoro

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      My name is Totoro but my mom calls me a little beasty because that's what I am. I am vicious and wild, and like to chew on hands, arms, corners of walls, and anything that moves. I want to be close to my people all the time because I am always worried about missing out on all the fun human things they do. I like to run like a little horse, listening to the sound of my feet as I gallop with the wind flowing through my pretty tail.

      I love going for walks and pretending that I am a dog. Of course I look prettier than any dog we meet along the way. I am an independent modern cat and I am the queen of the house. Nothing can stop me from being fierce, not even when mama yelps at me when I bite her ankle and run away.

      My most favourite time of the day is when I am on the highest platform of my soft tree. I like to look down upon on my minions and think about yet another day well spent living my best life.

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