Prince George driver collides with oncoming snowplow on B.C. highway: video

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      A man driving along a central British Columbian highway managed to survive a crash with a snowplow—he not only lived to tell the tale but he also caught it all on camera.

      Dave Landine, who is a resident of Prince George, has been reported to have been driving his pickup truck along a snow-covered stretch of Highway 16 near Loos Road, about 50 kilometres (30 miles) west of McBride, B.C. 

      A snowplow had been travelling along the opposite lane when its blade suddenly flipped forward, possibly catching on some ice, and veered over the centre line into Landine’s eastbound lane.

      Landine’s vehicle collided with the snowplow, causing it to flip and roll over.

      Landine was reported to have sustained minor injuries, including some broken teeth and bruises. The snowplow driver remained unharmed.

      His dashcam footage captured the collision as it happened.