Skip the waiting room—and get the care you need through Tia Health

Telehealth makes a lot of sense, especially when test results are available on demand and prescriptions can be delivered right to your home

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      Even though we are staying safe by staying home during the pandemic, many people are still dealing with ongoing health concerns or will develop illnesses that require medical attention.

      With Tia Health, Canadian residents can meet with health-care professionals without having to leave the house. Currently, the platform provides coverage by MSP (Medical Services Plan) and OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) for residents in Ontario, Alberta, and B.C with a valid health card.

      COVID-19 has brought job insecurity to many Canadians, which is why Tia Health also provides cost-efficient appointments to those living outside of Ontario, Alberta, and B.C. These online appointments begin at $30.

      Patients are able to browse licensed doctors online before arranging a video or phone appointment that fits your schedule. Those times when you spent hours sitting in an overcrowded, germ-riddled clinic waiting room will be nothing but a distant memory.

      If you have a short break between home-schooling lessons with your children, an appointment can begin within five minutes from the time it’s scheduled. For those who prefer to meticulously plan their week, Tia Health also allows users to book appointments in advance.

      Patients are able to obtain prescriptions, requisitions, medical advice, and receive referrals during their virtual appointments. Tia Health offers free prescription delivery throughout Canada. Additionally, select physicians available for consultation through the telehealth platform are offering screenings for COVID-19.

      The platform’s physicians can be filtered by specialty, language, and gender, so that every patient can find a health-care professional who makes them feel comfortable. With Tia Health, you’re able to build trusting relationships with the doctors who provide you with health advice and assistance during these uncertain times.

      Tia Health has an impressive team of health-care professionals ready to help, including: family physicians, psychotherapists, naturopaths, gynecologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, surgeons, and psychiatrists. Veterinarian consults are also available if Sparky got into something he shouldn’t have.

      For those wary of sharing their personal and health information through the online platform—no need to stress—Tia Health’s top priority is your privacy. All collected data is secured with bank-level encryption and is stored securely in Canada.

      For more information on Tia Health or to get started, visit .