Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is coming to Vancouver to discuss her new memoir

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      Sophie Grégoire Trudeau will take the stage at Vancouver’s Frederic Wood Theatre in May for a discussion about her new book. 

      Grégoire Trudeau, known for her advocacy in mental health (and for being married to, and now separated from, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau), will reveal stories from debut memoir, Closer Together: Knowing Ourselves, Loving Each Other.

      Grégoire Trudeau tapped psychologists, psychiatrists, and scientists—including Vancouver’s well known pop psychologist, author, and retired physician Gabor Maté—for the book, which reflects stories from her own life alongside insights from professionals.

      During the creation of the debut book, Maté mentored the budding author, which led to a friendship between the pair. With that in mind, Maté will join Grégoire Trudeau on stage for this conversation.

      The book “casts fresh light on human development and mental health even as it invites insightful and playful self-reflection,” Maté has said.

      In the talk, which is presented by the Vancouver Writers Fest, the pair will “take the stage for a conversation about nothing less than how to change our lives.”

      At the event, copies of the book will be available for purchase (and you might be able to get it signed, too).

      Sophie Grégoire Trudeau and Gabor Maté in Conversation

      May 9, 7:30pm

      Where: Frederic Wood Theatre (6354 Crescent Road, Vancouver)

      Tickets: $40, available for purchase at here