Specific red and jumbo yellow onions imported into B.C. from U.S. added to recall due to possible Salmonella

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      While a recall for red onions imported from the U.S. into Canada expanded earlier this week to include white, yellow, and sweet yellow onions, the recall has now added more onions to the list of food products potentially contaminated with Salmonella. This time, though, the recalled onions were distributed only in British Columbia.

      The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) originally announced a recall for Imperial Fresh jumbo red onions imported from the U.S. on July 31

      Then on August 1, the recall later broadened to encompass several brands of U.S.-imported yellow, sweet yellow, and white onions sold from B.C. to Quebec.

      On August 6, the CFIA announced that during their ongoing investigation, Freshpoint Foodservice is now recalling their brand of red and jumbo yellow onions, grown by Thomson International (Bakersfield, California) and imported from the U.S.

      The jumbo (yellow) onions were originally sold in five-pound (2.27 kilogram) packages without a UPC number, with codes 345 122 to 345 214 and product code 246010, and sold from May 1 to August 1.

      The red onions were originally sold in five-pound (2.27 kilogram) packages without a UPC number, with codes 345 122 to 345 214 and product code 246154, and sold from May 1 to August 1.

      However, they may have also been sold in bulk or in smaller packages with or without labels, possibly without the same brand or product names.

      In Canada, the products were only distributed in B.C. and may have been purchased online or through food-service establishments.

      Canadian Food Inspection Agency

      Anyone who has these onions—including consumers, distributors, manufacturers, or establishments such as hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, or hospitals—should neither eat, serve, use, or sell them nor any food products made with them.

      Instead, the onions should be disposed of or returned to the place of purchase. Anyone who isn’t sure if the onions they have are part of the recall should check with the place of purchase.

      Even if the onions do not appear or smell spoiled, any food contaminated with Salmonella can still make a person ill. Symptoms can include fever, headache, vomiting, nausea, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. Anyone who becomes sick from consuming these products should contact a doctor.

      As of August 2, there were 120 confirmed cases of Salmonella among people in Canada, with 43 of those cases in B.C.

      More information about Salmonellosis (Salmonella) can be found at the Health Canada website.

      Canadian onions are not a part of the recall.