This new on-demand service platform is helping people find happiness with the Gift Of Time

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      Is it just us or have the extra few minutes of light every day given us a little spring in our step? Suddenly, we find ourselves ready to emerge from winter hibernation and get things done. After all, it’s far easier to carpe diem when you can actually see it.

      Yes, there’s a lot to be said for time. In fact, a 2016 found that valuing time more than the pursuit of money is linked to greater happiness. And that doesn't just refer to the extra hours we spend at work, this principle can also be applied in the home as well.

      Valuing time more than the pursuit of money is linked to greater happiness.

      That’s exactly the thinking behind the recently launched , a shared economy platform that matches customers with vetted local household-service providers. And as Founder and CEO, Catherine Goulet, explains, “zenGOT’s mission is to give people Peace of Mind with the Gift Of Time.” 

      Whether it’s cleaning, running errands, handyperson work, or yard work, a crew of trusted service providers—or zenGivers as they are referred to on the platform—is available at the touch of a button to help manage a whole host of “life admin” tasks and household chores.

      This means we can spend our hard-earned days off embarking on our next adventure rather than attempting to create a semblance of order in our home life. Sounds like a pretty easy step on the path to happiness, right?

      And that’s exactly what zenGOT is all about. Using the same model as Airbnb, zenGOT is, at its essence, in the business of freedom.

      The name zenGOT comes from a combination of 'zen' to represent peace within the mind and body, and 'GOT', an acronym for "Gift Of Time".

      But perhaps you’re reading this and feeling like you might find your freedom in being able to work for yourself, set your own schedule, and help others while you’re at it? You’re the type of person who loves nothing more than the satisfaction of a job well done. You’re organized and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

      Well no matter what your skills, whether it’s any of the tasks outlined above, to pet services, party and event help, fitness training, and more, zenGOT needs you! You might take it for granted that your closet is arranged by colour order, or that your home is ready for the arrival of guests at a moment’s notice, but to others, your talents could be exactly what they need to make their lives better.

      Anyone interested in becoming a zenGiver can register at the . The process includes a background check and orientation, which can be done any time from the comfort of your home in under an hour.

      If you’re interested in learning more, need some help yourself, or if you’d like to give the Gift Of Time to a friend or loved one with a , then your timing couldn’t be better. zenGOT and the team of freedom crusaders will be exhibiting at the upcoming  from February 21 to 25.

      After all, it’s never too late to start living your dreams and there’s no better time than now.