Three immune boosters that you need in your bathroom cabinet

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      We all lead busy lives with long work weeks and fitness commitments, which is why a strong immune system is essential—nobody likes pulling the sick card. With warmer weather swiftly approaching, there’s no way we can afford nursing a cold or flu indoors from the couch.

      The team at Finlandia Pharmacy & Natural Health Centre (1111 West Broadway, Vancouver) has some suggestions on how you can fortify your immune system and improve your health.

      All you need is a cold glass of water and three different supplements. Finlandia Pharmacy’s immune boosting trifecta consists of:

      Vitamin C has an abundance of health benefits and is the cheapest core nutrient you can buy for all needs. The vitamin helps with bone and teeth maintenance, connective tissue formation, nutrient absorption, and reduction of damage caused by free radicals. It also supports immune function.

      To get the most out of your vitamin C, swap the glass of water for orange juice when it’s time to take the supplement. The recommended dose is 2 grams, two to three times daily.

      Probiotics are millions of live bacteria that work wonders for your gut health and digestion but the benefits don’t stop there. Along with contributing to a healthy gut flora, many people have noticed that probiotics assist with improving acne and dermatitis while also helping with immune function.

      Finlandia’s Probiotic-7 formula contains several different strains of good bacteria that will keep you regular—well, your intestines at least.

      The recommended dose for probiotics is two to three pills daily, taken with warm water, on an empty stomach.

      All Canadians should be taking vitamin D on a daily basis, especially those who reside in “Raincouver”. Vitamin D can be naturally absorbed through the sun’s ultraviolet rays but it is often not enough, which is why doctors encourage the supplement form. Vitamin D helps with the development of bones, absorption of calcium, and with general immune health.

      The recommended dose of vitamin D is 2000 IU, two to three times a day.

      Finlandia Pharmacy offers delivery services for prescriptions, supplements, and beauty products purchased through its . For those who are able to visit the pharmacy, the knowledgeable and welcoming team can help you create an effective supplement regimen.

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