Two parties busted on two consecutive nights at same rental suite in Burnaby for COVID-19 health violations

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      Despite efforts taken to raise awareness about the need for COVID-19 precautions, some people still aren’t getting the message when it comes to parties.

      That was the case not once but twice in Burnaby on the weekend—at the same location on top of that.

      Burnaby RCMP stated today (September 21) that prior to 2 a.m. on September 19, officers responded to a report about a large party in a rental suite in a condo building in the 6300 block of McKay Avenue in Burnaby.

      When police arrived, they found 26 people present at the party, which exceeds the limit for vacation properties.

      In the wake of parties held in the Interior in July that led to outbreaks, B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry had made amendments to the provincial health orders that limits the number of people in short-term rentals to the capacity of the space plus five guests.

      Officers also found that the host hadn’t recorded contact information from all of the guests as required, and there wasn’t enough space for people to physically distance.

      The host received a $2,300 fine and police dispersed the partygoers.

      But that wasn’t enough to stop the partying.

      Within 24 hours, the same officers had to return to the same suit after they received a second complaint about another party going on.

      However, in this case, a different person had rented the property.

      Nonetheless, the same health violations occurred. This party had 17 guests, there wasn’t enough space for physical distancing, and the host hadn’t taken contact information from the guests.

      This host also received a $2,300 fine.

      “When we see the lives that have been lost and the sacrifices being made by people around our Province due to COVID-19, it is quite frankly appalling that we still have people showing complete disregard for measures put in place to try to keep everyone safe and well,” Burnaby RCMP Cpl. Mike Kalanj stated.

      On August 21, B.C. Public Safety Minister and Solicitor General, under the provincial state of emergency, had authorized officers to begin ticketing owners party organizers, as well as attendees who don’t comply with police direction or health orders or respond with abuse, for gatherings or events that violate provincial health orders.

      Then on September 20, Farnworth enabled officers to fine owners, organizers, and patrons at nightlife venues, banquet halls, and food and beverage establishments that violate health orders.

      Manjit Bains

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