The ultimate Father’s Day gift guide for online shoppers

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      Take a moment to think of everything your father has done for you.

      He’s probably helped you change a flat tire, picked you up from the bar at 2 a.m., or has even kept you company as you watched Bridesmaids for the fifteenth time—he definitely deserves an incredible gift this Father’s Day.

      Retail stores are slowly reopening but by shopping online, you’ll remain safe at home and will avoid the time-consuming lineups. We’re positive that your father would want you to save time and stay healthy.

      Here at the Straight, we want to help our readers spoil the most important men in their lives so we have created a truly bad-ass list of gift ideas.

      Outdoor and indoor game equipment

      With warmer weather right around the corner, give your dad a gift that will provide him with endless hours of entertainment. This is sure to improve your father’s coordination and cardiovascular health. If he fancies a more laid-back backyard activity, this will be a hit.

      For the golf-obsessed father, consider an . Your dad’s spouse might be a little less excited about the gift since his attention will be elsewhere.

      Best Buy Canada

      Tech gadgets

      Gifting any sort of compact technology is always a safe bet for Father’s Day. If your dad takes public transit or visits the gym, these are a fabulous and practical gift idea.

      For bookworm fathers, the will make reading an even more enjoyable pastime. The Kobo E-book Reader has a touchscreen display and the ComfortLight automatically changes the screen temperature to reduce exposure to blue-light.

      Everybody should own a portable speaker and your loving father is no exception. The is less than $150 and comes with a portable charging dock. This will take his weekend getaways, dinner parties, and rounds of golf to a new level.


      If your dad is resistant to e-readers and prefers the traditional book, he’ll have difficulty putting any of these down:


      The pandemic forced closure of bars and restaurants, so your dad is likely missing the beer from his favourite local breweries. Luckily, many popular breweries have launched online stores. Order him a six-pack or growler filled with Funk Juice from in North Vancouver, hazy IPA from , or Raven Cream Ale from —get him all three if he’s the best dad ever.


      Father’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to enhance your dad’s toolkit. If your father is a bona fide handyman, make sure you get a gift receipt.

      For dads without a toolkit, the is a good beginner set. With 46 pieces, the possibilities are endless. If your dad’s tools are scattered all over the garage, this will keep him organized.

      If your dad has bad luck with small electronics or smartphones, the is stocked with everything he needs to repair the devices.

      Urban Outfitters


      As his child, it’s your duty to keep your father looking trendy and hip but not at the expense of his comfort. This from Urban Outfitters comes in seven different colours and can be dressed up or dressed down. If your father prefers shirts that keep his forearms feeling free as a bird, this will make a great gift.

      For the casual dad, a is the perfect addition to his wardrobe—one can never have enough hoodies and sweatshirts. Pair it with these and you’ve created a fashionable monochrome summer sweat suit.

      If your father is a golfer, the can be worn both on and off the course. This polo shirt is lightweight, anti-stink, and comes in nine colours.

      Skincare products and fragrance

      Many dads yearn for high-quality skincare products but are sure as heck not going to go buy them alone.

      Order your father a fancy body wash like Goop’s , which will leave him feeling extra invigorated as he steps out of the shower. A nice shaving cream like or a  can help your dad look and feel extra dapper.

      This has all of the products your dad needs, packed into a travel-friendly bag. The set includes a face wash, body lotion, face moisturizer, and a shampoo. The luxurious set costs a wallet-friendly $59.

      Cologne also makes a great Father’s Day gift. Order your dad a bottle of , , or . A new scent will make him feel extra special.

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