Vaginal rejuvenation procedures help women regain confidence and achieve desired appearance

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      It may feel like a taboo subject to discuss but for many women, receiving a vaginal rejuvenation procedure can greatly improve their self-confidence. It’s common for those who have experienced pregnancy and childbirth to notice some changes in the appearance and function of their vagina.

      It’s time that vaginal rejuvenation is viewed with the same importance as other procedures like repairing a broken bone. One’s vaginal health, which directly impacts their mental and sexual health, should simply never be ignored.

      This is why restorative gynecologist Dr. Darren Lazare and his experienced medical team offer several procedures to help their patients regain confidence in their bodies and in the bedroom. Dr. Lazare’s private practice, , has locations in Vancouver and Surrey.

      "Vaginal rejuvenation not only rejuvenates a woman's vagina but her overall health and well-being,” says Dr. Lazare. “Patients come to me for a wide range of reasons like sexual dysfunction, painful intercourse, and body insecurity. No matter the reason why they want to have the procedure done, they all report feelings of relief and confidence afterwards."

      Over the years, vaginal rejuvenation has received a negative connotation through the media’s coverage of celebrities getting the procedure. Because of this, many people think that vaginal rejuvenation is all about getting the perfect “designer vagina”. When in reality, it’s much more than a cosmetic procedure and can help restore some of the vagina’s essential functions.

      But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to enhance your vagina’s appearance—self-love goes hand-in-hand with sexual health. Women who experience anxiety about their bodies can also experience sexual dysfunction. Like other cosmetic procedures, vaginal rejuvenation should be done for the patient’s well-being and not to please a partner.

      is an umbrella term for three different procedures that require anaesthesia.

      Vaginoplasty involves the construction or reconstruction of the vagina. This can tighten up the vagina, reversing the slack caused by childbirth or aging. But just because you have children to worry about, doesn’t mean that your self-care and confidence should be overlooked. Some patients that undergo the vaginoplasty procedure report increased sensitivity and improved sexual response.

      The procedure includes the alteration of the labia minora and majora, which are the folds of skin that surround the vulva. This surgical procedure reduces the labia minora so that it doesn’t extend past the labia majora. Patients that have extended labia minora may feel pain or discomfort during intercourse, sitting, or when riding a bike. A labiaplasty can also be considered a cosmetic procedure as many women with enlarged labia are self-conscious as they can be visible when wearing a bathing suit.

      Lastly, a clitoral hood reduction removes any excess tissue around the clitoris. The extra folds around the clitoris can cause a top-heavy appearance or bulge. This procedure is commonly done in conjunction with a labiaplasty.

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