Vancouver candle brands to know

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      Something about a delicious-smelling candle in your home will make you feel like you have it together. Whether you’re looking for something musky and earthy or something airy and fresh, Vancouver has no shortage of great candle makers. Here are a few of note.


      Inspired by travelling, Roam was created with a love of the world and a commitment to sustainability. Each candle is hand-poured locally into ceramic vessels available in two colours to match any home decor style. Best of all, the signature scents are available as refills that fit seamlessly back into the vessels.


      For something nostalgic, you can never go wrong with Mala. The brand’s signature scents include Cereal, which smells like a bowl of Froot Loops and Chai. These candles are so well known that they’ve been spotted on the Instagram Stories of celebrities like Addison Rae and Kim Kardashian.


      Using a natural soy wax blend and essential oils, Homecoming is one of Vancouver’s best candle brands. Making it easy to determine your preferences, the colour-coded labels categorize each of the scents into one of three categories: refreshing, grounding, or warming.

      Lily Lou’s Aromas

      Designed by 10-year-old Lily Lou Harper, Lily Lou’s Aromas was a homeschooling pandemic project turned side hustle. Her blends are precisely what you would expect from a child permitted to have fun. The Birthday Cake scent looks and smells just like whipped cream!

      The 6th Scent Candle

      With a crackling wooden wick that mimics the sound of a campfire, every The 6th Scent Candle transforms your space into a cozy one. Knowing that candles make the perfect gift, the brand also offers a selection of prepackaged gift boxes.