Vancouver is no longer the second bed-buggiest city in Canada

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      You may have heard that Paris, the city of love, has been serving heartbreak to tourists in the form of bed bugs. Of course, this isn’t just a French problem—Canada is no stranger to the pests, either. 

      Orkin Canada—the nation’s largest pest control provider—has just released its annual ranking for the country’s most buggin’ cities. And good news for us, Vancouver has dropped rank from second to sixth.

      “As we’ve seen travel return to pre-pandemic levels, Canadians should be on guard for bed bugs, as these pests are extremely resilient and can hitchhike from place to place unnoticed and with ease,” says Dr. Alice Sinia, an entomologist with Orkin Canada, in a release. “Known as expert hitchhikers, bed bugs cling to clothing, luggage, and furniture to invade new spaces, stowing themselves in baseboards, electronics, bedding, wallpaper, wall hangings and sofas.”

      Toronto takes the lead as the bed-buggiest Canadian city for the seventh year in a row, followed by Sudbury and Oshawa; unfortunately for fans of The Weakerthans, Winnipeg enters the top 10 this year.

      The list was determined based on bed bug treatments (both commercial and residential) performed across the country by Orkin in 2023.

      Here’s a complete list of the bed-buggiest cities across Canada:

      1. Toronto
      2. Sudbury
      3. Oshawa
      4. Hamilton
      5. Ottawa
      6. Vancouver
      7. Winnipeg
      8. St. John's
      9. Sault Ste. Marie
      10. Scarborough