Weed delivery Vancouver becomes easy with Leafythings

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      It should be easier to get cannabis in Vancouver. There’s no shortage of options, but that doesn’t make things simpler. 

      Since legalization, there’s a big mix of retail brands, delivery options and legacy services, and it’s often hard to keep track of who’s offering what. Through all the rules around advertising and retail, you might not know where to look for what you’re looking for. 

      Leafythings is a return to the basics. A way to get cannabis to you faster and cheaper, it’s an online directory and map of businesses and available to you at any moment.

      “Connecting customers to cannabis has always been our focus,” says Chief Access Officer Elias Theodorou, an MMA fighter who recently made history in Victoria, BC, by becoming the first sanctioned cannabis athlete allowed to medicate in professional sports competition. “There are limited means to do so in the cannabis industry, so we strive on navigating the path for both the businesses and consumers by offering solutions and knocking down barriers.” 

      Something new and fun

      Leafythings has picked up the mantle from Weedmaps, which got rid of most of its legacy clients when it went public in 2020. It was a big loss for cannabis in Vancouver and across the country. Leafythings is paving a new road. 

      After two very successful years supporting the Ontario market – getting out there at festivals and live events and making their name known to cannabis consumers across the province – Leafythings is now open for business in Vancouver. There are a lot of people who are very excited. 


      It’s all in plain sight

      Unlike a lot of cannabis advertising, Leafythings is not sterile, clinical or overly medicalized. You can find them in plain sight, having a good time.

      They’re all over Canada, handing out goodies at festivals, doing charity work, greeting you in person. They recently presented a lucky winner from Delta, BC with a cheque for $5,000 in the Leafythings Two Year Birthday contest. 


      Creating a BRIDGE

      Believe. React. Innovate. Dare. Grow. Evolve. 

      Leafythings quickly realized that legalization was going to be a slow transition that could last decades. For 100 years, prohibition created a culture that has not exactly welcomed regulated venues. About 50 per cent of consumers still favour the unregulated space – a $3 billion market. 

      By not discriminating, Leafythings has acted as a BRIDGE for these consumers to see other options that exist in the vibrant cannabis marketplace. Regulated retailers have noticed this gold mine of customers and have truly embraced the Leafythings platform. If you are not on the platform, then you are invisible to those consumers.

      It helps you make informed decisions

      Sometimes it seems like cannabis brands are selling you everything but weed. But you don’t want empty, social media feed lifestyle content, you want cannabis. You want to make an informed decision that takes in all the options. 

      Leafythings has a blog that covers all the basics for fun and education. You can learn about how to use cannabis oils or learn about the best cannabis travel destinations. 

      You can find what you need for weed delivery in Vancouver

      Leafythings is a searchable directory for , not just a map. 

      You can tailor your search terms however you want: your mix of CBD and THC, edibles, topicals, flowers, etc. Find the potency you like, the balance you like, even the flavours you like, without having to sort through a whole bunch of back-channels each with its own age verification system. 

      Or head to the section for deals and discounts and see what’s available.