What the cannabis NFT marketplace Crypto Drops means for the cannabis industry

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      Cannabis brand is disrupting the industry once again with a move into the NFT space. They will be offering digital ownership of their strain iconography, as well as gamified cannabis seed cultivation, and distribution.

      Why NFTs?

      Any variety of artwork is subject to the possibility of plagiarism – especially in the digital era. NFTs ensure that each piece can be uniquely identified by blockchain technology. This digital format tracks both the past and present ownership of each digital item. Take Nyan-Cat. You might know this rainbow streaming cat as a meme video, or even a trap music remix. It’s an NFT GIF now, with an initial sale valued at over a half a million dollars.

      Introducing Crypto Drops – the first cannabis NFT marketplace

      For the last six years has been one of the most recognizable brands in the legacy market due to its cheeky and relatable cartoon icons. Since transitioning into the legal market this year they have had to retire these characters from their promotional content and packaging due to specific sections of the Cannabis Act. These sections do not allow cannabis brands to engage in any promotion that might appeal to children, with cartoon artwork being called out specifically. 

      By memorializing these characters and artwork as NFTs, the Crypto Drops NFT marketplace has allowed Ghost Drops to move forward in the legal market while establishing their colourful roots in Canadian cannabis history. What’s more, through their partnership with , they are making it effortless for cannabis enthusiasts to own a piece of that history for themselves by purchasing them as NFTs. After speaking with Ghost Drops CEO , it is clear that this has been a sentimental part of their journey towards becoming true pioneers in the cannabis market.

      “Ghost Drops is a cultural icon in Canadian cannabis,” says Bernaudo. “Now, we’re about to revolutionize banking, NFTs and crypto. We’re thrilled to continue to expand the boundaries of cannabis culture.”

      Ghost Drops

      Crypto Drops phase two: gamified cultivation and distribution 

      The marketplace is a virtual, decentralized economy based entirely around cannabis growth and usage. Users can gamify the process of nurturing pot by creating their own one-of-a-kind digital strains that they will then own the rights to. Crypto Drops will expand by launching a virtual world of cannabis where users can collect and cultivate. The site will also offer up digital breeder packs of popular and/or hard to get cannabis seeds. Users will be able to purchase, trade, sell and grow plants virtually. They will also be able to crossbreed them with a multitude of strains. 

      Making purchases and getting into the game

      Unlike a lot of NFT sites that only accept cryptocurrency from users looking to purchase NFTs, Crypto Drops will allow users to pay with more traditional methods like debit, Mastercard, Visa and Apple Pay. There will be no need for users to research cryptocurrency and open a digital wallet to make purchases. While cryptocurrency has become much more commonplace, it can still be a bit intimidating to some users. That’s why Crypto Drops' partnership with QNTMPAY will make cannabis NFTs easy to buy and sell, removing the friction that can be experienced on other marketplaces.  

      QNTMPAY Founder Adam Pearsall remarks about his excitement for the partnership in a high-growth space. He believes Crypto Drops will redefine the cannabis market by expanding the culture into a new digital frontier, as well as changing how transactions are made. 

      “QNTMPAY is excited to be a part of this venture, as we bring our cutting-edge banking technology to this game-changing partnership,” says Pearsall. 

      To learn more about Ghost Drops you can find them online at  or on Instagram @ghostdropsofficial