What’s happening this week in Vancouver: January 23 to 29

The ‘what’ that Marvin Gaye was going on about

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      It’s Monday. Blegh. In January. Double Blegh. It’s cold, and rainy, and maybe it feels like the only reasonable thing to possibly do is bundle up at home and binge watch another season of whatever it is you’ve been binge-watching, right? 

      Wrong. Absolutely wrong. You might as well move back to whatever suburb you clawed your way out of with that attitude. (Okay, fine, suburbanites are welcome too; just don’t let us hear you complaining about how much traffic there was on the way in.) There’s a reason we pay the premium on rent that we do out here in Vancouver, and that reason is so that we can be close to the action. 

      And by action we mean, you know, shows and events and art stuff or whatever.

      …Which is all happening in abundance, even during these dark, dark days (this winter hasn’t been so rough).

      Here’s the proof: 

      Prom Bingo Bash

      Hail Mary’s is giving you a reason to unearth that old prom dress from your mom’s crawl space with a Bingo Bash for the ages. Ridiculous prizes will be up for grabs and the night will be anything but boring with April O’Peel and Joe King hosting. 

      And yes, you’d better believe there is a prize for best outfit. 

      When: 7 to 9pm, Monday, Jan. 23
      Where: Hail Mary’s
      Admission: $10


      As the first fully in-person celebration of Lunar New Year since the pandemic put an indefinite hold on mass gatherings back in 2020, organizers want LunarFest 2023 to be a celebration of togetherness, thinking towards the future, and imagining all the possibilities in store for the coming year. 

      When: Jan 21 to Feb 21
      Where: Granville Island (mostly)
      Admission: Free!


      The Hollywood Theatre is celebrating local legend Seth Rogen by showing four of his movies from Jan. 23 to 26 during SETHFEST: Neighbours, Superbad, Pineapple Express, and This is the End. 

      When: 7pm, Jan. 23 to 26 
      Where: The Hollywood Theatre
      Admission: $4.20 + fees


      One grandparent spent years in a Japanese prisoner-of-war camp. The other was interned by the Canadian government for being Japanese-Canadian. 

      Mark Sakamoto's memoir, Forgiveness, tells a true story of perseverance that spans decades—and its powerful, pertinent message will be brought to life onstage in a new production by Vancouver's Arts Club Theatre Company.

      When: Now to Feb. 12
      Where: Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
      Admission: From $35

      PuSh Festival

      The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival kicked off on Thursday, January 19, and will run until Feb. 5. 

      We’ve taken a closer look at a number of upcoming performances, including Coloured Swan 3, The Seventh Fire, and many more taking place over the next two weeks. 

      When: Now to Feb. 5
      Where: Throughout the city
      Admission: Varies by performance