Why leasing a business copier is better than buying

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      Without an efficient copier at your business’s office, employees wouldn’t be able to complete their tasks nor exchange pleasantries while doing so. can be used for copying, scanning, printing, faxing, and even sending emails. While they’re an essential machine for any business, purchasing an office copier can be a financial burden and long-term commitment.

      Vaughan, Ontario-based printing supplies company offers affordable leasing options that can meet your business’s copying and printing needs. Absolute Toner and Copiers provides companies with Lease-to Own programs for copiers with the lowest rates in Canada.

      Because most companies require a reliable , buying a machine upfront might seem like an easy decision. However, there are four significant reasons why purchasing a copier isn’t always the smartest idea.

      Leasing is more budget-friendly

      Like all technology, heavy-duty office copiers depreciate over time, which means that it won’t be worth much when you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model. Buying a copier requires a substantial initial payment that your business’s budget might not be able to accommodate. With leasing, the payments can be spread out over several months.

      At Absolute Toner and Copiers, depending on your credit, you may be eligible to lower your monthly payments even further by adding a down payment. This will allow you to pay off your lease in as little as three to five years.

      The at Absolute Toner and Copiers start at $39.99 per month.

      It’s convenient and flexible

      With Lease-to-Own programs, any required maintenance is handled through a service contract with the company that provided your business with the copier. This gives business owners the peace of mind when their copier stops working or needs updates. Plus, technicians are sent out quickly to fix the problem, usually the same day so that your business isn’t interrupted for an extended period of time.

      When a company owns a copier and it malfunctions, they’ll likely have to package it up and send it to the supplier for repairs. This process can end up taking weeks.

      In addition, many leasing contracts can also cover a business’s monthly paper and toner use.

      “We offer a wide variety of leasing options to help any business get the exact office copier they need,” says Josh, customer service representative at Absolute Toner and Copiers. “With our all-inclusive copier leasing options, you don’t even need to worry about the , parts, drums, and fusers.”

      Avoiding obsolescence

      By , businesses will find that their machine won’t become obsolete. Instead of junking up the office with old computers and keyboards, leasing programs will ensure that the copier is properly maintained and upgraded when possible. Copier obsolescence is a huge problem for most businesses as it’s expensive to replace the machine. Plus, its disposal can be harmful to the environment.

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