Enhance your summer chill-out bliss with these five cannabis strains

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      Picture this: you and your squad have just sparked up a joint of some prime, locally grown chronic and you’re trying to figure out what to do before the buzz kicks in. Wait too long to decide, and soon the conversation turns into repetitive exchanges of “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” before everyone gives up and you settle on watching a movie.

      But with the sun out and Vancouver’s endless offerings of summer activities and tasty strains at your fingertips, not even a seasoned cannabis user has an excuse for lounging around inside on a summer day.

      Next time you plan a sesh with friends, come up with a game plan. Here are our top picks that will only be made better by some of the city’s finest strains of cannabis.


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      Hike to a viewpoint with Acapulco Gold

      Whether you’re a beginner at hitting the trail or the next Ironman, there are plenty of options for scenic hikes in and around Vancouver, and with a few hits of this legendary sativa-dominant strain, no mountain will be too tall to conquer.

      An old-school purebred with an earthy aroma and notes of citrus, Acapulco Gold ($12 per gram at THC - The Healing Center [6416 Main Street]) provides a cerebral lift and some serious mood enhancement—something you’ll need as you sweat on the way to your viewpoint of choice.

      Plus, its THC content makes for a long-lasting high that won’t have you burned-out before you reach the halfway point. Puff your way up Quarry Rock or Burnaby Mountain and roll up a pinner for the top, too. You’ll thank us.


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      Lounge on the beach with Blue Dream

      Bylaw enforcers might claim ignorance of the fact, but beach-bumming and toking go together like peanut butter and jelly. (If you want to avoid the aforementioned enforcers, try Wreck Beach.)

      Load up a beach bag with a book, tunes, munchies, and your tool of choice—we suggest a one-hitter if you want to be discreet—and lounge with a buzz courtesy of Blue Dream ($10 per gram at Redmed [231 Abbott Street)], a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet, blueberry aroma.

      This powerful West Coast strain is a cross between a blueberry indica and sativa haze, making for a high that strikes the perfect balance between calm euphoria and full-body relaxation without the sedation—because the last thing you want to do on the beach is fall asleep and wake up to find that you’ve burned to a crisp.


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      Medicate while you meditate with Grape Crush

      Let’s face it: quieting the mind for some much-needed meditation can be challenging on your best day. Even in the perfect setting, it can be tough to turn off your brain and the sensations in your body.

      Enter Grape Crush ($12 per gram at MMJ Canada [various locations]), a fruity, indica-dominant hybrid that’s balanced enough to keep your energy levels from plummeting while you seek inner peace. Known among medicinal patients as a stress killer, Grape Crush also puts a number on pain, which means your mind won’t keep circling back to feelings of discomfort, because you probably won’t have any.

      The relaxing, long-lasting high will set the stage for deep, blissful meditation, or at the very least, peaceful moments of reflection and an eventual craving for some snacks.


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      Hit up your favourite patio with Girl Scout Cookies

      Few things are made more wonderful by cannabis than food, so next time you’re en route to your favourite patio for a meal and some sun, spark up a preroll of Girl Scout Cookies ($12 per gram at Lotusland Cannabis Club [1952 West 4th Avenue]), a strong, sativa-dominant strain with a sweet yet earthy aroma.

      Medicinally, GSC, an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross, is great for pain, nausea, and lack of appetite, which means you’ll likely work up a serious case of the munchies just in time to browse the menu.

      A few pulls of this multiple Cannabis Cup winner and most will find themselves catapulted to new heights as relaxation kicks in and stress melts away. And rest assured—its sativa dominance means you’re more likely to have thoughtful conversations than fall asleep in your nachos.


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      Do a Sun salutation with Pennywise

      For an activity like yoga that likely requires a little more mental focus, we’re huge proponents of Pennywise ($11 per gram at the Village Dispensary [1540 West 2nd Avenue]).

      Popular among patients with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, this high-CBD strain is suitable for those who aren’t looking for your typical heady high, as its 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD makes for much milder psychoactive effects. (If you’re a frequent user of THC-rich strains, expect this buzz to be much more mellow.)

      A cross between Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, the Village’s variety of Pennywise is an uplifting, sativa-dominant strain, but it’s low enough in THC that you’ll be able to maintain your balance while attempting to master Standing Bow pose. Expect to feel a calm sense of clarity and a more complete awareness of your body as you settle into asanas with a little help from this powerhouse strain.