Whistler Film Festival 2017: Never Here


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      In this surreal psychological thriller, Miranda Fall (Mireille Enos) is an artist whose life revolves around ill-conceived decision-making. When she finds a lost cellphone, she draws upon its details to create an art exhibit about the owner’s life—without his consent, thereby pissing him off. While she’s engaged in an affair with her married art dealer, her lover witnesses a man assaulting a woman outside Miranda’s apartment. When he declines to report the incident, she calls the police, pretending to have seen it. As she’s drawn into the case, she stalks a suspect. But when she experiences inexplicable occurrences, she suspects she’s the one being stalked.

      Although there are several ingredients that don’t quite jell as a whole, the overall concept and individual elements remain compelling.

      Rainbow Theatre, November 30 (3 p.m.); and Village 8, December 2 (1:30 p.m.)